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Welcome to JB’s Rattles where our motto is “The Reptile Zoo That Comes To You!”

We have over 100 different Venomous and Non-Venomous animals in our collection for “Reptile Birthday Parties” or a reptile show for Boy or Girl Scouts, Library, even Schools or any other occasion for someone who enjoys learning about reptiles.

I have enjoyed working with these animals since the age of 7, when I caught my first Green Snake. I have Learned A great deal about them through the years, and with over 46 years of experience, I look forward to the chance to show you why I find them to be some of the worlds most beautiful and misunderstood animals to inhabit our planet.

Imagine looking at some of the most unique animals from around the world inside a safe enclosure in your home. Not many people can say they have seen a Cobra or Rattlesnake even the deadly Mamba up close and personal. We bring some of our six and eight legged friends as well, to add some more excitement to your program.

Your family and friends will enjoy learning about some of the most misunderstood creatures in the animal kingdom and with the “Hands On Experience” we offer you are able to touch and handle are wonderful and beautiful pets that you will not forget no mater what age you are.



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Giant Hairy Scorpion

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